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​​Despite popular belief, modular and manufactured homes represent different types of housing. Even though they are both built in a factory, that is where the similarities stop.

​​​For over 46 years now, we have been helping people like you fulfill your dreams of owning a new home. We are a family owned business, now in its second generation of specializing in building new modular homes. You can rest assured that ABC Homes of Alpena, Inc has the expertise and the professionalism to handle your home project from start to finish.

At ABC Homes we offer a wide variety of homes, from the basic ranch, a stylish cape cod or an elegant two story modular home. You can add garages, deck, porches or sunrooms to any of our modular homes and we are your one stop shop for it all.

Today's modular built homes offer superior quality, craftsmanship. value and are energy efficient at affordable prices.

Stop by today and see what ABC Homes of Alpena has to offer you and your family.

Modular vs. Manufactured

ABC Homes of Alpena

Manufactured (HUD)

Manufactured homes act as a mobile home, which at any time can be mobile. Manufactured homes are built using U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development guidelines. They are transported to your site on a steel frame that remains with the home. They may be put on a block foundation, basement or set on block piers.

Modular (B.O.C.A)

Modular homes are constructed in factories and then transported to your site on a carrier that will be returned to the factory. Modular homes are the same construction as a site-built home, just built in a controlled environment. Modular homes  are often even sturdier than site-built homes, since they are constructed indoors (out of the weather elements) and must be built to withstand transportation. Modular homes must follow the same local building codes and pass inspections just as a site-built home does. Once completed, you can not tell the difference between modular and site-built homes. Modular homes are delivered to site and permanently attached to your foundation or basement. Modular homes come in every style just as site-built homes. You can choose from a ranch, Cape Cod, 2-Story, apartments, condos and even universities. You may choose a floor plan from a book or you can design your own dream home. Modular homes tend to be less than site-built homes, as the manufactures have bigger buying power overall.


Financing differs some for each type of home, Modular homes are financed the same way as a site-built homes, and will go through a construction loan that will be rolled into a mortgage of your choice. Manufactured homes are financed in a different type of category, sometimes requiring a slightly different process, but still goes through a construction loan and rolled into a mortgage. (See your financial institution and what their process is.)

Depreciation or appreciation

As with any home the value depends on how well you maintain your home or what area you live in. A modular home sitting on your own land will increase in value 100% the same as a site-built home. Manufactured homes on your property tend to increase in value, where those temporarily on a pad may not. Of course there are several things that need to be taken into account on any home value, such as the quality of the home when purchased, the age, supply and demand, and the housing market where your home is located. ( Putting a $300,000 home next to other homes that sell for $80,000, will surly change the value of your $300,000 home, regardless of type of construction.)

So, if you are in need of a new home, do not overlook the possibilities that are Modular. You can get that dream home, where you want it for less and in a shorter time. Stop in and see us here at ABC Homes of Alpena, Inc. and see what we have to offer you.